Floor Care at Home

Our floors have no grime and dirt traps, unlike many of the materials it faithfully replicates. Our enhanced surface treatment defends against those damages that can easily spoil the look of traditional floorings..

Maintaining our floors is polish-free, greatly reducing both chemical and water usage (making it more environment friendly) compared to traditional maintenance routines.
Avoid dragging or sliding heavy items like furniture across the floor. Place felt pads on furniture legs that are touching the floor. Mop up spills as soon as possible to prevent stains.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning with a pH neutral cleaner such as Karndean Clean will help keep your floor at its best. Follow these simple steps for cleaning your Karndean floor:
With a soft sweeping brush, remove any loose dirt or dust
Add 50ml of Karndean Clean (1 notch represents 50ml) to approximately 8-10 litres of clean water
Mop the Karndean Clean solution onto the whole floor, removing any excess liquid
Then allow your floor to dry before walking on it.

Maintaining our floors is polish-free greatly reducing both chemical and water usage

Every six to twelve months you may want to treat your floor to some extra care to further enhance its look and durability.
Karndean Remove helps to prepare your floor before applying Karndean Refresh.
Karndean Refresh creates a satin finish to your floor and helps protect it from marks and fine scratches

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